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Uniform Tips

Started by JC004, May 12, 2015, 08:36:57 am

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thanks, I will look to see if these are available in cotton...I got heat exhaustion wearing the polyester ones.


Seems like this might fit the bill if 100% cotton is a must:

And they look already broken in.   ;D


It looks true "tactical" style pants aren't made in 100% cotton, probably for durability reasons.


I picked up a nice pair of tac pants on Amazon the other day for like $29.

They're pretty slick. Lets see how they hold up.
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no standard grey? thats what Im talking about, so as long as its in the grey family?
Correct "medium" is the full spec."Propper Lightweight Tactical Pants
What is the first thing you'll notice about Propper's lightweight tactical pants? The featherweight factor. Using a mere 6.4 ounce fabric, the style does anything but weigh you down. With 11 pockets, there's room for just about anything and everything you'll need in the field. Durability stays top-of-mind with the reinforced seat and knees plus a reinforced front pocket opening. The fabric is coated with DuPont Teflon to repel stains, and the blend of polyester and cotton ripstop makes the style resistant to wrinkles and color fading.

I have these as well as the charcoal grey BDU's.  These are better for hot weather, however they are a bit lighter in color than most.  Still meets spec though.

The grey BDU pants are what I use for routine wear as they are the same as the BDU / BBDU pants and they just logically seem to be what the standard should be.