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Lt. Col. Johnetta C. Mayhew

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Lt. Col. Johnetta C. Mayhew
Hagerstown Composite Squadron
Maryland Wing

Johnnetta "Jett" Mayhew

On January 8, 2021, Johnnetta Catherine Mayhew (nee Hobbs) passed away.

She was a beloved wife of the late William Mayhew; sister to Joanne Rawl and Godmother to Chelsea Rawl.

Jett lived a very full life!

She got her nickname "Jett" from her passion for flying. One of her many accomplishments was when she received her Pilots license.  She worked at Signature and Butler Aviation.

Jett married William "Bill" Mayhew and they shared many adventures together.

To name a few, they traveled across the United States, were "Camp Post" for Martinak State Park and Civil Air Patrol.

Jett joined Civil Air Patrol in 1988. For approximately 32 years she was very active with Civil Air Patrol. She made her rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 2000 and was so very proud of this honor.

Jett continued to stay active in Civil Air Patrol after Bill passed.

Jett was doing double duty with National Headquarters as the National Drug Demand Reduction Coordinator and doing logistics with the Hagerstown Squadron.

She was the Director of the Honor Guard Academy for approximately 15 years. Her goal was to teach them the "Virtues of Life". The Honor Guard Academy was her "pride and joy" which was a 3-year program for cadets to be fully trained to be a Civil Air Patrol Guardsman.

She was also involved for years with Maryland Wing.

In more recent years Jett has been actively serving as Team Leader Ushers and Communion for the Sunday night service for Mountain Christian Church. She loved serving there and loved our Lord and Savior.

Anyone who knows her can agree with me she loves the beach and getting her "Tan On".

Jett could not be without her Maryland steamed crabs and going crabbing!! She was a very "Happy Camper" and took her Ravens Football seriously.

Life is a Journey and she had a good one. Try to be the best you can be, learn from your mistakes, be kind and in ALL things be grateful.

I'm grateful for my sister as many others are also.

To anyone close to her she would say "see ya love ya bye".


If I could add a comment to Jett Mayhews entry, I would add how blessed I was to have worked with her and Bill back in the mid to late 90s on the MDWG ops staff, and through my second unit command, in Maryland. Jett was a fantastically motivated, hard working officer. She combined an exterior which could be hard as nails as was on occasion necessary, with a heart of gold inside that could hold so much love. She exhibited softness and compassion for her fellow members that really embodied our "Core Values" before ever we wrote those down.

"See you later, Hon".

Greg Putnam, Lt. Col., CAP