Conducting a Survey of Unit SM Personal Goals, Needs, Interests, etc.

Started by JC004, June 05, 2020, 04:33:01 am

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Does anyone here already have a survey for their senior members, that could be shared and used in other units?

The emphasis would be on Personal Goals, Needs (courses, help with qualifications, etc.), Interests, and the like.

Years ago, I had one for NEW seniors, but I'd like one for current senior members, so we can see, as a unit, HOW WE CAN SUPPORT THEM and help them to progress.

Even if you don't have such a thing, ideas for survey questions would be helpful.

In my unit, we'd be doing this as an online form, and we'd be sharing it with the other squadrons in the wing, so they can do the same.

I'd like to share the framework (that units can customize) here, so ANY CAP unit can use this tool.


My method doesn't work very well during COVID because it involves coffee...


Online surveys can be like social media. People will say things online they would not in person. Its easy to fill out a survey and say "YES, I'd like to see this and that".  But then later, when its time to commit to making it happen, it may be a different story. So I think I would use the word commit a lot in your survey or maybe a similar term. Don't ask for the grandiose broad strokes, but ask what things very specifically would they like to see, and that they would be willing to help make happen.  IDK ... YMMV
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