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Lifesaving Ribbon Attachments

Started by JC004, April 01, 2020, 11:53:31 pm

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April 01, 2020, 11:53:31 pm Last Edit: April 01, 2020, 11:58:55 pm by JC004
I am trying to be certain of the correct way for me to update a Lifesaving ribbon.  The new guidance talks about clasps.  But clasps could ALSO denote blood/organ transport (I'm not eligible based on blood/organ transport).  Am I reading correctly that a second star-attachment-eligible award is ALSO denoted with just a bronze clasp?  It used to be you could only wear one Lifesaving.  It seems like the clasp can mean either type of the award.

The Text:

Quote from: undefinedh. Certificate of Recognition for Lifesaving.  Awarded to members who save a human life, but do not meet the criteria for the Bronze or Silver Medal of Valor.  Members who are credited with a  save  as  a  result  of  participation  in  a  blood  or  organ  transport  mission  will  be  awarded  the  basic  ribbon.    A  silver  star  will  be  attached  to  the  ribbon  in  recognition  of  lifesaving  actions  other  than  blood  or  organ  transport.    Members  who  were  previously awarded  the  ribbon  for  a  save  other  than  blood or organ transport should attach a silver star to the ribbon.  Subsequent awards are denoted by the addition of bronze or silver clasps to the ribbon.  A maximum of three devices (one silver star and  two  clasps)  may  be  worn.    The  silver  star  remains  centered  on  the  ribbon.    The  first  clasp  is  placed  on  the  wearer's  left  side  of  the  silver  star,  the  second  clasp  to  the  wearer's  right.    When  the  number  of  devices  exceeds  three,  a  second  ribbon  is  worn  to  the  wearers  left  of  the  initial  ribbon.    The  second  ribbon  counts  for  one  subsequent  award.    When  future  awards  reduce  the  devices  to  a  single  ribbon  the  second  ribbon  is  removed.    All  previous  criteria  and  wear  instructions  no  longer  apply.


Only one star is worn on the Lifesaving Award.  So yes, clasps indicate multiple awards under either criteria.

The McChord Rack Builder shows the all of the proper star/clasp configurations.

Michael Moore, Maj, CAP
National Recruiting & Retention Manager


Some of these rules are the stars on the CSA ribbon.  The SAR ribbon allows the prop...which could be used for air blood/organ on the Lifesaving.  Up to 3 stars doesn't seem problematic, if they made that the rule instead.


Actually, in some cases, the decoration or device to be worn is dictated by whose blood it was or which organ...

A big toe, for example, only qualifies for a certificate of appreciation, however if it was Charlie Sheen's Tiger blood,
that is an automatic SMV.


Hey, this is slightly off topic, but I wanted to post a personal thanks to all of you who've flown organ transplant and blood missions. My wife of 29 years had a life saving organ transplant a year ago, and while this now is an amazingly stressful time due to her compromised immune system (antirejection meds do that by design) I want to express my gratitude. As we've slowly worked through painful recovery we have chatted about this; we have no idea who the donor was or how it arrived (by policy) but to us, you're all involved in spirit at the least.

Very Respectfully.