October 25, 2020, 07:05:06 pm

CISM Question

Started by SAREXinNY, March 29, 2020, 11:18:31 pm

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I have a few members who completed CISM training. For some it is showing up on their 101 card, for others it is not. All of the members have properly uploaded their certs. Does anyone have an idea of why some are not showing up on the 101 card? And, more importantly, what I can do to make sure it's properly listed? Thank you for any help you can offer.


Check the approval string. Pull up the SQTR and see what is shows for the task completions.


What SQTR do I pull up? I see not SQTR for CISM...which is the issue.


My apologies. I thought there was one. Were was the training entered in Eservices?


I thought only the Wing Chaplain can approve CISM, and that it's a direct click.


It is not the purview of the Chaplain. CAPR 60-5 stipulates that CISM is directed by an officer appointed at the wing/region levels.