Public Officials Traveling Long Distances by Car & Private Planes

Started by zippy, March 20, 2020, 10:21:20 am

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I heard on the news that important public officials and scientists are traveling long distances by car because they do not want to risk getting sick in a crowded airplane. The news says that this is slowing down the response. Specific examples given were military officers, doctors, etc.

It seems to me that CAP planes might be handy. Coronavirus test kits are in short supply, but I imagine if key personnel can get around faster, it perhaps could be prioritized to get pilots tested. In a time of national emergency it seems strange that public officials are driving long distances when CAP planes are available and pilots are happy to help.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary is quite busy helping at Coast Guard stations, though they canceled monthly meetings. Cap members want to help also.

Take a look at the quote below from CNN. Government officials paying to use private planes.

Quote"We are seeing anywhere from 100% to 300% increases in charter requests depending on the region worldwide," says CEO Richard Zaher.

The requests are coming from... government officials, entertainers and sports teams, corporate executives as well as people who normally would not fly private.