New NHQ Guidance on Cadet Operations During COVID-19

Started by Ned, March 19, 2020, 11:05:18 pm

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Check out the new Cadet Coronavirus page on the NHQ website.

It contains links to both the 60-1 ICL previously discussed here, and a new Cadet Promotions Guidance page outlining temporary changes permitting waivers or virtual / on-line performance for things like D & C tests, speeches, CPFT, and even time waivers for Spaatz exams during the current health emergency.

There are also links to some new external resources as well as the Cadet Blog area where units are encouraged to share innovations and new best practices for keeping cadets engaged, promoting, and engaged with our Air Force colleagues.

Share widely, and let me know how we can add and improve the materials.

Ned Lee
National Cadet Program Manager