Is there a role for retirees with the Civil Air Patrol?

Started by GaryVC, February 21, 2020, 06:35:29 pm

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This is from the Afterburner which is the newsletter sent to retired AF members. I wish it had said more about flying in CAP. We could use some additional instructor pilots.

Q:  Is there a role for retirees with the Civil Air Patrol? A:  Yes. Retirees looking to use their aviation-related skills can consider joining the Civil Air Patrol. An official civilian auxiliary of the Department of the U.S. Force, the CAP has a wing with squadrons throughout every state.  As an adult/senior member of the CAP, retirees can serve as mentors, trainers and educators for CAP cadets.  Besides helping to shape future leaders, retirees can serve their community and state.  Members of CAP carry out emergency services and disaster relief missions nationwide. Following natural disasters, CAP pilots are often the first aircraft on scene.  "I'm retired U.S. Air Force myself and just recently joined CAP, but wish I had done it many, many years ago while I was still on active duty," wrote retired Staff Sgt. Corey T. "Tex" Goodwin of Steens, Mississippi.  CAP members also provide communities with diverse aviation and ground services, youth development, and promote air, space and cyber power.According to its website, CAP has saved nearly 30 lives so far in fiscal 2020, as credited by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center.For more information, visit the CAP websiteor call 877-227-9142


Retired or not, I wonder what the percentage of CAP pilots are over age 60?
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Most people retire from the military way before their 60th birthday. It's possible for enlisted to retire as early as 37 years old.


I was just contacted by a Navy "retiree". Twenty One years in the Navy. Flew C-130s for them. Has a Private Pilot's license and wants to fly for CAP. He is in his early forties.


How do you determined rank for retirees? E.G. non prior service professionals - IT professionals,etc.


Quote from: Cap777 on February 26, 2020, 03:14:15 pmHow do you determined rank for these retirees? E.G. non prior service professionals - IT professionals,etc.

The context of this, and the publication, was prior-service retirees.


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