Backdating Specialty Tracks no longer allowed?

Started by Eclipse, February 21, 2020, 02:54:26 pm

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A Group CC in my area found recently that he could not back date a Specialty Track completion.
This was a very nice ability for a CC to be able to "catch-up" when dealing with members who legit
completed things ages ago but never documented them.

The only option is "today" date-wise.

Is this by design or a programming error?

On the one hand it will eliminate the phenomenon of members getting all three levels on the same day,
forcing the TIS, and probably also forcing the requisite delay in PD Levels, on the other it removes an effective tool for granting people the credit they deserve at the time they actually earned it.

It'll force people to stay current and get things signed off if they care about it, but those on the bubble,
like always, will get short-sheeted.


Its been like that for awhile. I couldn't tick master on my Recruiting specialty track even though I'd had years in the track and as a tech, because I hadn't gotten senior ticked and couldn't back date it. (there was a loophole in the pamphlet, too, that would have allowed me to tag master right away, but eServices didn't match, so I was stuck)

So I had to sit with my hands folded in my lap waiting for the year to elapse.
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Holding Pattern

I'd open a ticket for the backdate request. I bet it can still be done, but you have to work to justify it.


Quote from: Holding Pattern on February 21, 2020, 07:57:36 pmI'd open a ticket for the backdate request. I bet it can still be done, but you have to work to justify it.

And if they get enough tickets on it where they have to keep updating the database for us, the feature to back-date will likely mysteriously return.