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"Eaker" award verification

Started by Murphy, December 24, 2019, 04:32:24 am

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Hello, everyone.  I know this has been addressed a few different ways regarding the transition to Eaker but a lot of the info I've found was old.  I was a cadet from 86-92.  I became a C/Lt Col somewhere around 1991.  I have no idea exactly when.  National has a record of my Earhart which shows up in eservices dated in 1989. In our day, we were in that brief period when C/Lt Cols wore at silver triangle clasp on their Earhart ribbon.  Was that something that was published in CAP News?  Just curious if someone knew of an archive that I could access.  I like to be accurate and I don't want to have a "stolen valor" rack.  Hahahaha



Unfortunately "Omeka", whatever the heck that is, is throwing errors on the newsletter pages.


Contact NHQ Cadet programs, they may be able to provide you a "grandfathered" Eaker certificate.
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This page (built by combing through old regulations and national board meeting minutes) shows the options from that era for the Earhart Award:


"...From 1991 until the adoption of the General Ira C. Eaker Award, a silver clasp was used to recognize completion of Phase IV of the cadet program."

If you send proof of Phase IV completion (old MML or other such documentation) to NHQ and ask very nicely, they will issue an un-numbered Eaker certificate.
Michael Moore, Maj, CAP
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