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Started by cj cake, November 30, 2019, 08:17:12 pm

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cj cake


I am currently an Aerospace Education member and I have been thinking about joining CAP as a senior member.
I decided to join and I have gone to two meetings at different squadrons to pick which one to join. In the meantime, I began looking into the training requirements for level 1 to start completing some of the training. I just completed both FEMA IS100 and IS700 courses. I passed the Yeager exam. But I do not have access to other training until I become a Senior member.

My question is this, will I retain my original CAPID when I switch to senior member? Will the courses I completed transfer over or will I have to start over once I become a senior member?


Luis R. Ramos

I do not see why it would not transfer over. But if Yeager and IS classes are the only training you have done, it is a matter of re-submitting them. IS classes are not CAP controlled training, and are not geared to what type of member you are. So it should be no problem.
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cj cake

Good to know, Thanks for the reply. I wish I had access to level 1 courses. I have time to work on them but I am not allowed to officially join for about three or four more weeks. They want me to attend three meeting before they will sign me up.


Not a bad idea - to make sure that you and the squadron are good fits for each other - the actual process is filling out a form and stating on it that you are a  transfer from AEM to Senior Member. As an AEM you did not have to do things like get your fingerprints taken for the FBI checks, or other things, so that takes a couple of weeks, but you can start working with the squadron members to see what role you might want to fill in the squadron in the meantime.