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Cadet Colonel

Started by Army Curdet, November 25, 2019, 12:25:19 am

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Army Curdet

If you are promoted to the rank of Cadet Lieutenant Colonel, what is the waiting time to be eligible for promotion to Cadet Colonel?


You may test immediately for Spaatz (C/Col) upon completion and approval of Eaker (C/Lt Col),
however Spaatz testing is not done by the local unit, it is proctored by a small number of
Wing CC approved personnel, and owing to the realities of logistics for a place to do the run,
have internet access, people's schedules, etc., can often takes several weeks or longer to coordinate.

Cadets have three opportunities total to attempt the test(s), and do not repeat those tests which
have been completed successfully (3 total, not 3 per test).

There are two academic tests, Leadership and Aerospace, an essay, and a PT test which is the equivalent of
the USAFA entrance PT test.


Answered literally on the 1st reply to your other thread:

and we're done.

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