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Cadet Photo ID Uploads

Started by tsvaughan355195, October 27, 2019, 06:14:13 pm

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I think I read somewhere in the CAP literature that cadets below a specified age were not required/allowed to have a CAP ID card with a photo.  Did I miss-read something?  Or, are cadet ID photos uploaded and approved in the same manner as senior members?  TIA.


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Cadets under 18 are not required to have photos,there is no age factor.
With that said, having a photo on file is a best practice for the safety of the cadet.

All senior members are required to have an ID photo.

The process for uploading and approving a photo are the same for both cadets and seniors.


The following guidelines outline the requirements for your eServices photo...

1.15.2. Active members, fifty year members, life members, legislative members and cadets
18 and over will receive a photo membership card. These members must upload a passport-style
photo with a plain white or off white background into their member record through eServices.

Quote from: Eclipse on October 27, 2019, 06:33:36 pm
Cadets are not required to have photos, there is no age factor.

Cadets over 18 are required to have a photo ID