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I am going to Rocky Mountain Region RCLS and don't know anything about it. Has anyone gone that could give me the run down of what it's like?


I went to the 2018 Pacific Region Cadet Leadership school, so it may be a bit different but hopefully this will give you and idea of what to expect.

Basically we attended classes all day about leadership theory. This might sound boring but you definetly learn a ton of new information from really interesting people (we had a Spaatz cadet turned fighter pilot teaching us) that you can apply to your squadron when you get back. There was no final exam or anything, but we were expected to participate in discussions as much as possible.

We had to do 3 different written assignments and 3 different speeches through the course of the school. For the written part they are mainly looking at format and not content, so be sure you have an electronic or physical copy of the air force tongue and quill. I think we had to write a biography, a memorandum, and a bullet paper.

For the 3 speeches we had to give an Impromptu speech, a persuasive speech, and an informative speech. After every speech or writing assignment we received comments from our staff and fellow officers on what we could improve. Don't be afraid if our not good a public speaking, you will improve by the end of the school. You can check CAPR 52-16 for the rubrics that they used to grade our assignments.

We were divided into seminars and at the end of every day we discussed what we learned during the classes and what we enjoyed. The seminars were each assigned a different group project to work on. Two were assigned to hypothetically come up with a plan on how they would support different areas of an airshow and one was assigned to planning the actual dinning out that we had at the end of the school. Although we had almost no free time, you still make friends, mentors, and connections that will probably last a life time.

It's not all academic though, we also did some tours of the flight line at Nellis AFB and a tour of a helicopter squadron.

Like I said, I don't know if you will have the same thing, but hopefully it will give you a good idea of what expect.


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Ask your Region Cadet Programs Officer for a syllabus to get details of what is expected. On the website, it says "Questions, contact the RMRCLS Director or Cadet Commander

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 You can check CAPR 52-16 for the rubrics that they used to grade our assignments.


Umm... try CAPR 60-1 instead. CAPR 52-16 has been obsolete for some time


I went to the RMR RCLS a couple years ago and had a great time! It's a lot of class work with some team- and strategic planning-based activities. You'll have to prepare an essay and give a speech as well but those aren't hard. My advice is just don't be shy and get to know your fellow classmates. I still keep up with the guys and gals I met around the region. The sooner you get to know your peers, the faster you'll be more comfortable in the team situations. Good luck!

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