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Online CLC

Started by Fester, April 04, 2019, 07:43:27 am

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Got the email from NHQ today that my enrollment in the online CLC was accepted and that the class should start in late Spring.  Wondering about how it works....  Are the modules self-paced?  Or do you have to be online at a certain time on a certain day?  I work evenings and weekends, so wondering if that will interfere with completion.

And to get it out of the way....
Before it starts....
I know that an in-residence course would be better. 
Not all of us have weekends to give up to CAP. 
As unfortunate as that may be.
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Online CLC is easy. It's on Blackboard and there are a bunch of discussions you can chime in on... it's flexible and does not have a specific time and date that you need to sit in for different portions. It is mostly self paced but it's fairly slow so you shouldn't have a problem doing any work on the weekends... also it seemed when I took it, the quality of your answers didn't matter as much as that you answered. For example, a question was asked along the lines of "A new member just joined your squadron, what would be your elevator speech...". Most to all went on with the typical speech you would give to somebody that never heard of CAP, however the question states that this is a new member who joined, not somebody who never heard of CAP, so the information given should revolve around what this particular unit does, what the new member might be looking at in the near future, and similar items. /endrant
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So these aren't "everybody jump on the call at 8pm" situations?

Also, is there anything more "CAP" then giving the sales pitch >after< they've made the sale?


I did SLS online, it was done in 8 weeklong chunks.

Log on at some point throughout the week and review the posted material, then do the assignment (always a discussion board post IIRC). You were expected to respond to 2 other students post and I think reply to any responses on your assignments.


I just finished the online SLS a few weeks back and just got the same message: my CLC will begin in late spring. We might be in the same cohort.

SLS was in its first group piloting a new platform, which CLC was piloting at the same time, so it's a bit different, I suspect, than it had been before. There were minor technical difficulties, as new tech systems tend to come with, but nothing that disrupted the course.

The SLS was four weeks long, and each week, we had some readings, short videos, and regs to look over. We had between one and three writing prompts per week to post in the forums. We also were expected to respond to two of our classmates' work in each forum. These had to be "substantive" (not "nice post!"). It took a few hours weekly, but it was totally asynchronous, other than the weekly deadlines. Work in that course was graded, but I never saw anything in the gradebook that wasn't a 100% or a 0% - if you fulfilled the requirements of the task, you got a perfect score.

Looking forward to the CLC. Good luck!


Online SLS/CLC are now being tested on LMS.  This is intended to have it showing on the members record as soon has we sign off.  SLS was condensed down to 4 weeks and CLC will be 6 weeks.

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As I scan roster #1, and look at emails, I can tell there are members from California, Wyoming, Ohio, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Puerto Rico, Indiana, Texas, and Nevada.  So, input will be from several Regions.

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Did you see any from NY? I asked a fellow member who needs SLS to progress to join the online SLS. He did send a request some time ago and was waiting for notification.

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Got the registration confirmation for this one... looking forward to it!