Agisoft MetaShape Photogrammetric Software for sUAS

Started by etodd, February 14, 2019, 06:15:47 pm

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Coming soon to a sUAS program near you:

QuoteAgisoft Metashape is a cutting edge software solution, with its engine core driving photogrammetry to its ultimate limits, while the whole system is designed to deliver industry specific results relying on machine learning techniques for post-processing and analysis tasks.The software allows to process images from RGB or multispectral cameras, including multi-camera systems, into dense point clouds, textured polygonal models, georeferenced true orthomosaics and DSMs/DTMs. Further postprocessing enables to eliminate shadows and texture artifacts from the models, calculate vegetation indices and extract information for farming equipment action maps, automatically classify dense point clouds, etc.

So I've been experimenting ....

242 vertical images. Flown with a P4P, using Drone Deploy for the flight lines. Imported in MetaShape. First export was 572mb, which was too much for my SketchFab free account (50mb). Reduced quality and size of box and got it down to 55mb. Still too big. Cut it down once more and this is just 10mb. Not the best quality, but runs well on most any device, and the contours of the stock piles look decent.

Here is a good video of what the software is capable of:

More info regarding the software can be found at their website, including downloadable manuals and tutorials:
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