Amazing deal on Camelbak BFM. Ends 2/11.

Started by Ozzy, February 11, 2019, 02:57:31 am

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Bought the CamelBak HAWG 3L MG Omega ABU Hydration Pack on a similar deal - 38.00 - well worth the price!


I had a BFM (the first gen, the design of which I like slightly better).

I swapped it for a Motherlode (also 1st gen) because, while I loved the size of the BFM, it was so large it encouraged me to carry too much stuff. I could fit enough stuff for some decent mountain hikes in inclement weather with self-rescue, first aid, signaling, SIGINT, recon, fire, warmth, more fire, extra clothes, SATCOM, ghostbusting and small child.

Probably the same reason I traded off my large ALICE ruck back in the day.

So yeah, sweet deal for a BFM,  but be aware of the potential pitfalls.
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