Ambassadors for CAP - Global Opportunity- Take advantage of it!

Started by Herman_Snerd, November 11, 2018, 01:06:39 pm

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Each person on this board is an ambassador for the Civil Air Patrol. 

Some represent the caring, knowledgeable, informative, helpful, and guiding leader that makes this organization so great.

Others have represented themselves in a cringe-worthy manner. They act in a way they would never do if they were in front of their wing commander in person.  They bully, attack, embarrass, act with half-information, assume negative intent.  They speak in an authoritative manner like how many people in real life who have issues or little authority treat people on message boards. They do not treat people the way they want to be treated.  They are cowards, and  they are being prototypical poor ambassadors for the CAP program.

I wrote recently about requesting the National Commander's email or mailing address.  It is for a very positive reason.  I am not in CAP, so I am free from the chain of command.  Some were helpful, and yet whoa did the sarcasm and put-down attacks fly. 

3 updates.
1. Yes, I am writing Major General Mark E. Smith with my praise for those in my wing whose behavior stands above so many here.    I will not let the board know how that goes. But I do thank the posters who helped me reach the information to do so.
2. I am going to monitor these boards informally moving forward,  and formally engage the chain of command above those who are egregiously acting like buffoons on this board and bullying people.  One poster attacked a lifelong teacher. Just shameful.  Others have shown they use this board to put down others just for sport.   I will become the batman or robin hood of the CAP forum, and will use communicate to thwart the punks here,  to share how they are bullying others and acting in a way that is not representing the CAP well. Don't bother kicking me off to CYA. I already have 2 backup accounts at the ready and know more about firewalls than is needed to stay engaged.  The slight sarcasm along with good intent is fine, but the bullying is not.  It needs to stop - I will help you.
* As I mentioned, the last j*ck*sses who bullied CAP people in front of me were very senior in CAP.   They are now banned for life for the organization.  Maybe it's my purpose in life to help the CAP clean a little more house and to protect the children and other adults who are enduring your nonsense.  I won't put up with it.  Probably, neither will your leaders.

So I hope your logins identifying you and your squad/group/wings are accurate.   I hope the bullies heed the warning and care about yourself enough to change your behavior, because you certainly don't demonstrate the capacity to care about other people.

Very respectfully,
#Don't Mess with Texas"
#Don't Grab a Tiger by The Tail



The board is a public one, and much of what you describe is not uncommon.

As to the responses to your email addy request for the National Commander, some of the responses could probably be considered abrasive, but there were valid points.

Any contact direct to the National Commander is unusual. You had well wishes in mind, but it's still unusual. You did state that you were not a member, so technically you are not held to the chain of command. Direct contact could confuse that very chain that you are not a part of.

That being said, you are correct, we are ambassadors, and we should represent ourselves appropriately.


So you violate the rules to white knight eh?  Grow up....  You are not the CAP civility or nice.  By your own admission you are going to do what you accuse others of.  I hope you have a good lawyer on retainer. 


Lt Col, CAP