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Started by i_am_a_politician, October 30, 2018, 05:20:58 am

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Recently, I have noticed a very interesting statistic for many CAP Cadet Officers.  From what I have noticed, many Cadet Officers have been a First Sergeant some time in their CAP Cadet careers.  However, there are a few that have never served as a First Sergeant in their Squadron.  If any of you have been cadet officers in the past, I'd like to know if you ever served as a squadron first sergeant.

I've attached a form if anyone would like to use it to respond for better numbers.
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I responded to your survey. But I'm not sure that two questions will give you usable data.

The Cadet NCO part of the program culminates in one top assignment - Cadet First Sergeant. There is no requirement to serve in that position in order to advance. If you've got five Cadet NCOs advancing at the same time, same grades (or within weeks of each other), the odds are strongly in favor of them NOT being the Cadet First Sergeant before moving on.

Added to that is the reality that many units will not even have a Cadet First Sergeant due to unit size not supporting the position. Then there are units that could use one, but which have no cadets with the rank and experience to justify one.

About all you are going to get is either a yes or a no answer, with no explanations as to why.

Good luck.

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