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UAS Familiarization

Started by swodog, June 05, 2018, 04:25:50 pm

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Sorry to roll this grenade, but I've checked for any reference in the "search" function in CAP Talk with little results.

Has anyone conducted UAS type training for cadets? Let me specify familiarization training.  How it flies, the rules, current state of drone usage.  Basic familiarization type training.

I own a aerial photography/film company that focuses on commercial real estate, farming and quarry type work and I've been asked to provide some training on the subject but it looks pretty thin.

I've seen the sharks swimming here, so positive comments only please.


Quote from: swodog on June 05, 2018, 04:25:50 pm
Has anyone conducted UAS type training for cadets?


Quads and similiar devices have been the "soup du jour" of AE POAs for a couple of years now, though
execution, like most of CAP, is largely personality and situation-ally based.  They are inexpensive
enough and most units have at least one member who owns one, but of course units that meet on or near airports
have some logistical challenges ( I watched with amusement one evening as a unit tried to laugh their
fairly expensive quad on an airfield and the sware wouldn't even let it spin up...).

Like RC and rockets - lots of raised hands and rhetoric, then not a lot of real interest across the board.

One more thing, liek GA, that is a victim of its own success.

If you've been asked to provide info and training, great, have at it.


Not being negative, but be sure to ask your Wing.  In ours I can't just show up with my P4P and start teaching Cadets, without first "registering" the P4P with Wing and getting approval.

Now, if I use the approved little quadcopter in the STEM kit, no big deal, but its far from what you and I (as professional aerial photographers) would like to use to teach.

But, to be positive, the STEM one can be an excellent tool to get Cadets interested and teach them a good deal.

Here is the national level training:
MS - MO - AP - MP - FRO - ESO

sUAS MP - sUAS Instructor - sUAS Check Pilot