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restoration project

Started by darkmatter, October 24, 2017, 02:21:48 pm

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I own a Civil Air Patrol book 1 volume 1 manual 1947. the front cover on the bottom right corner has fold and wrinkle damage,as well as spin use. are there companies or individuals that can restore the cover in a historical manner?


Check with the curator or restoration department at a local museum and see what they suggest.

However, I suspect any restoration will cost far beyond your budget. This textbook is still fairly easy to find (old book stores, eBay, etc.), and at a reasonable price. After all, they were printed by the tens of thousands. There is one offered on eBay today, in excellent condition, asking $16 plus $5 shipping. I've paid far less.

Unless this particular volume has special intrinsic value to you, I suggest buying a replacement.
Charles Wiest


Yeah I might keep it as is. it's not in super bad condition and it's only the front cover. As far as meaning to it in site it has stuff that has to do with my squadron from the 70's. And that's the important stuff which is all in excellent condition thanks for the info.