Scan the rear barcode on your ID. What do you get?

Started by sparksnmagic, January 23, 2016, 05:31:07 am

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You gonna get banned, boy! Heh heh.

AirAux, now I have visions of you as the Swedish Chef, standing up at your unit meetings exclaiming, "BORK! BORK! BORK!"


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What's your name?
   Major, Sir.
I asked your name not your rank.
   Yes Sir, I am a Captain and my name is Major
Do you know Major Deluth, the Squadron Commander?
   Yes Sir, he is a fine man.
He WAS a fine man, he was killed this morning on a bombing raid...That shows him, going on a mission when he should have been in the office.....Well, we need a new Squadron Commander, and since you are the only Major on our HQ Staff...
   NO SIR! I am a CAPTAIN, My name is MAJOR...
Well that's Close enough for me. Consider yourself a Major now.
   BUT SIR! I'm in Billeting and Laundry!
Well, we all have to do our part Major.

Who is this Major Major who gets to be the Squadron Commander without having ever flown in a Plane?!?

...Joseph Heller Catch 22, exchange between Major Major and Col Cathcart  Just goes to show how some things happen
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At BAFB we had a Major whose last name was minor, so we had a Major Minor


There's a MAJ Minor (Army, an aviator) that I now work with on brownout visual sensing systems... a good officer, probably takes a bit of ribbing.

One of my favorite office humor bits was one going around years ago called "the Captains"... perhaps I'll try to recreate it in a separate thread.



Quote from: Airplane girl on February 14, 2016, 03:35:59 pm
Mine's kind of boring. I'm just a poster with a boat on it.

But as a 14 year old highly motivated Cadet Chief, who was a SET NCO at encampment, I can imagine how interesting that would be.

Me: I don't care how famous you are or how many teenage fangirls you have. I'm not one of them, so GET OFF OF MY DRILL PAD

Justin Beiber: What do you mean?

Me: That should be, what do you mean, CHIEF. And there are Officers over there, you have to salute them.

Justin Beiber: If I was your boyfriend, I'd never let you go.

Me: Are you kidding me? I know about encampment syndrome and whatever, but Airman Beiber, that is no way to talk to a C/SNCO. AND GET OFF OF MY DRILL PAD.

Justin Beiber: Baby, baby, baby oh

Me: I'm done with this. I'm going to go report this up the chain of command. If you keep this up, you're never going to pass encampment.

Justin Beiber: Never say never.

Me: That's it.

Justin Beiber: Is it too late now to say I'm sorry?

Me: Yes

Perhaps the navy is your true calling. Maybe you'll end up flying planes off an aircraft carrier.
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I'm a pressure booster. My mom says she already knew that.  ;/
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Well then...
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Quote from: Texan not Dixie on May 11, 2016, 05:33:27 pm
I'm a pressure booster. My mom says she already knew that.  ;/

Aren't we all, at some point or another?  ???

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There were 12 hits for my CAPID.  I could be a "Cisco Kid" disc set or a "They Call Me Trinity" movie poster.   Or I could be a toner cartridge.  With my luck lately, the toner cartridge will win, and it will be empty.   ???

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