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Marketplace Rules & Guidelines

Started by Pylon, February 07, 2005, 06:17:17 am

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Please follow these rules and guidelines when posting items for sale here in the Marketplace.

  • Please list only appropriate items.  This means items have to be real (no "pretend" items, no bridges, etc.), and items should be somewhat CAP related.

  • You should post pictures, if possible.  This helps people assess exactly what it is they are buying and what condition your particular one is in.

  • Abuses of the marketplace will be taken seriously.  Please be considerate and have common courtesy.

Michael F. Kieloch, Maj, CAP


Please refrain from discussion in The Marketplace.  All topics and posts should pertain to the item(s) being offered/requested. i.e.  You wish to purchase or trade for the listed item or items, or you have the requested item(s) available for sale or trade.

General discussions of uniform items, gear, etc, shall be directed to the appropriate forum section.

Mike Johnston