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Author Topic: CNN video on abuse of Adderall  (Read 894 times)
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« on: October 03, 2009, 04:12:07 PM »


We've mentioned this in other posts, but the dangers and warning about the infinite ways adolescents can creatively ruin their live warrants this being its own thread.

Those of you who believe its none of CAP's business what drugs a cadet is taking, or that securing meds during encampments and related activities is "wrong" should watch this.

We're not talking about a drug that makes you high, its one that makes you, on paper at least, "better". So in a CAP context, the cadets abusing it will potentially be your higher speed actors. 3 pills, $10.  Cadet #1 finances his encampment, Cadets #2, 3, & 4 make honor flight. (until the point that the effects of Amphetimine abuse start kicking in).

Before you ask, yes, that's a member of the UPHS

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« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2009, 05:50:59 PM »

The scary part about youth drug abuse, is that many start with good intentions.  Huh? You ask?

I have dealt with many adult meth addicts who started using in High School as a way to perform better in sports, stay awake longer to study for tests, all with the intention of "Ill stop as soon as I graduate."  I know a girl personally who was a beautiful girl in HS.  Cheerleader, swim team, academic scholarships to a local university etc.  After HS I move on and several years later, I was back as a cop getting my complimentary soda at the local Chevron.  I noticed the tweeker clerk looked familiar and kept trying to start up a rather personal conversation with me.  She said, "You dont recognize me do you?"  It was her.  After that, I started running into her on the street with local parolees and in dope areas.  She said that after she got on it with good intentions (in her mind), she couldnt stop.  Her parents were very well off, and  bankrupted themselves putting her into high dollar celebrity level rehabs and paying for attorney's when she would get arrested.  Seeing her parents, they aged 50 yrs dealing with her.  Mom was one of those who didnt check the mail without being completely ready, dressed, make up, everything.  Now, mom looks like a weathered, tired old woman.  Dad now works as a clerk at the same Chevron as a clerk.  He used to own it.
Victimless crimes.

Im sure we all have those stories.
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CAP Talk  |  Cadet Programs  |  Cadet Programs Management & Activities  |  Topic: CNN video on abuse of Adderall

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