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Author Topic: Civil Ground Team Patrol  (Read 6687 times)
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« Reply #20 on: June 06, 2006, 02:54:03 PM »

I have always felt that ES is a great training ground for the cadet leaders.  They have to think more than what they do on a regular basis, and it breaks up the standard stuff they always deal with.  I think they the two programs go hand in hand.

But what about the cadets that have no interest in doing that. I can tell that in my Squadron, which is an inner city squadron, my cadets have no desire to go to the woods. They are bright kids who want to go to college and be aerospace engineers and Air Force pilots. They joined CAP because they saw the "Air" in Civil Air Patrol and igured it would expose them to aviation and aerospace.

Its true that there isnt much nationaly for cadets in the way of aviation.except for O-rides and a few national Special activities, but n the local level, you can make activities if you have the resources. Like what BlackKnight did or if you have many CFI's in your unit, start a Ground School.

ES is a great leaderhip tool, but its not the focal point of the Cadet program. The focal point is aerospace and  leadership using the "military" not "law enforcement" and not "EMS" as a tool to teach leadership.

This is a very good topic and I am glad its staying civil. Thats why I like this board as opposed to others that re very immature. Thanks
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« Reply #21 on: June 06, 2006, 05:26:01 PM »

Wow!  I am very surprised you could not get any help from the AF side!  I am also surprised that WPAFB lodging could not help you out.  You did go through the LO for GA right?  If that person said no, I hope you called the LO office in Ohio.  In fact, I believe the Ohio LO would have helped you more than anyone else!

Apologies to all for this [!OFF-TOPIC!] reply-
Yes (many times!) to all above questions.  This trip was over 12 months in the planning. The consistent standard answer was "No support is available because of operational tempo (Iraq war)".   We are told that airlift support to CAP has been shut down since 9/11 ("operational tempo"), and certainly that has been the case in my wing.  We eventually used an active duty NCO (friend of one of our SM's) who without our prompting got word of our plight to the Ohio LO but nothing came of that.  We were not allowed to initiate contact with the Ohio LO directly. That's all I can say on that issue without jumping chain of command.   ;)

Quote from: OFF TOPIC
I was speaking with GLR/CP at the Region Cadet Comp.  WPAFB would love to help, however, they don't have open lodging.  Even though parts of it are being changed-up, they don't have room at the inn.  Bummer really.  Our presence there is phenominal, and WP loves CAP and supports it when they can, unfortunately, they can't help us with lodging/board.
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Matthew Kopp, Maj, CAP
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Chris Jacobs
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« Reply #22 on: June 06, 2006, 06:26:58 PM »

Your corect.  A lot of cadets join becuase they see civil "AIR" patrol.  That is why i joined 5 years ago.  although after burning all of my O-Rides, and then again when they reset, and again, i have run out of those.  I got a scholarship to learn to fly our wings glider and did that.  Now my flying is on hold until we get a new glider.  So in the mean time i have taken up ES as my big focus.  I think the key to this program is making the cadets well rounded.  I think cadets need to be involved in ES, AE and the CP.  although i have always put the CP ahead of every thing.  so with that i feel that we should offer ground teams for those that want to take it just that little bit further. 
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C/1st Lt Chris Jacobs
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