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Hi, nice to meet you...

Started by dwb, February 17, 2005, 03:19:06 pm

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A little introduction thread, for all the new folks.  No particular format, just share what you'd like to share so the rest of us can get to know you.  I'll start.

My name is not Justin Bailey.  My user name comes from the original Metroid game for NES, it was perhaps the most well-known "cheat" for the game.  The avatar in my profile is Samus Aran, the protagonist of the Metroid series.

My actual name is Dan Brodsky, and I'm the Commander of the Syracuse Composite Squadron, New York Wing.  I've been in CAP since 1992, and was a C/Lt Col at one time.  I'm also a private pilot.

I look something like this:

So that's me.  Next!


Thanks for the intro Dan!
It will revive peace in space.  ;)

My name is Tedd Agnello (Sounds like "Ain't yellow" minus the T) and I am the Webservant for Wisconsin Wing.  I also put on the IG hat every so often to manage the Wing's Subordinate Unit Inspection program.

I joined CAP in 97 because of a love of flying and aviation in general. Though I'm not a pilot, I still get in there to do Obs duties.  I later found out that I love being a ground pounder even more.  I guess from the camaraderie it brings.
I also get into Comm and have the callsign Bluemound 1551.  My Amateur Radio callsign is WX9AUX.  I picked the WX prefix because I participate as a severe weather spotter/chaser during the storm season.  And as for the AUX suffix... well you can take a guess :)

I look exactly like this:


 Yeah,my name is C/SMSgt.Daniel Holmes from Fire Mountain Composite Squad.  WAWG  I joined CAP back in 2003 to learn to fly.  Havn't gotten that far just yet.  I don't have picture on this computer right now.


I'm C/1st Lt Gregory Boyajian (but everybody always calls me just "Greg").  I joined CAP in April of '01, hoping to go to NFA-P.  Since then, my interests have made a major shift and I'm now more interested in GT stuff.  My home squadron is Air Victory Museum Composite Squadron, NER-NJ-079, but if you show up on Thursday night I won't be there because I'm currently taking an EMT course that is on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I've been to countless activities, but my two favorites were National Color Guard Competition (I was the 2004 NER CG Commander), and of course, Pararescue Orientation Course.  I'm only sixteen, but these next six months will probably be the last of my active cadet career.  I've worked hard enough in school to graduate a year early, and I plan to go to Texas for ALERT (a private disaster-relief organization) basic and advanced training.  After a year of that, I hope to go to college and major in intelligence and do Air Force ROTC.  My goal is to eventually become an Air Force Special Tactics Officer.

My Phase III COY Nomination Pic:

C/Maj Greg(ory) Boyajian, CAP
Air Victory Museum Composite Squadron


Hey, I'm 1st Lt Mike Crockett, one of your mods here.  I'll post more about myself in a bit, but here's a couple pictures of my mug for you guys.

Here's a cropped version of a picture taken with me and 2 other NBB alumni from my squadron right after NBB '04 ended.
Assistant Communications Officer, Wicomico Composite Squadron

The Admiral

I'm C/SSgt Steven Thorderson, the current Utah Wing Color Guard Commander and a proud member of UT-067!  Umm...that's about here are the pics!

Me with my most recent Prom date!

And I'm the one in Yellow.

I'm currently out of CAP pics...I'll ask the TAC Officer.

Cross into the Blue!



I'm C/Capt Holden Fenner.  When I'm not wrestling, CAP'ing, or any other variety of activities, I hang out on my comp.  In addition to the many other things I do, I'm your resident Star Wars geek and information center (hence the name).


Hey y'all, (yes I'm southern  8). I'm Aaron "Someguy" Hogan, C/A1c, CAP from MER-NC-145. When I'm not on CS, I'm in school and when I'm not in school I'm sleeping.  ;D I'm a junior in high school and planing to go to Auburn in a few years.


I'm C/Capt Jackie Briski, and I currently serve as the Cadet Commander for Ohio Wing's Pathfinder Cadet Squadron. Yes, now for some info that can't be found in my signature.

I'm a graduate of GLRCLS (Class of 2004), I'm headed to the Civic Leadership Academy in about a week and a half, and I'll be serving in the position of Cadet Group Executive Officer at the Ohio Wing Encampment this summer. If you really want to know more about my CAP involvement (and I doubt that you do), feel free to ask.

I'm a senior in high school, and I'll be heading off to school in Virginia in just over six months. After college, I hope to find out if I have what it takes to become an Officer of Marines, perhaps in the field of Intelligence.

And I have a kitten named Reagan. :)

As for a pic, I'm too lazy to get one hosted somewhere, so you'll just have to meet me to find out what I look like. Besides, those pictures are dangerous. They give little kids nightmares.
VAWG Cadet Programs Team

...not all those who wander are lost...


Hi everybody, I'm FO Robert Smithson.  I am a leadership officer in the NJ-Wing.  I am a former cadet officer and Mitchell Award recipient.  I am also a former AFJROTC C/Colonel.  I am a college freshman and aspire to be a lawyer.  I am for the most part quite informal.   
Former TFO, CAP
Mitchell #51,062
Juris Doctor Candidate, Touro Law Center


Well, I'll jump on the bandwagon.

I'm a 1st Lt, and the Cadet Programs Officer for my Group (the Central New York Group).  I've been in CAP for a little over eight years, with a good chunk of that as a cadet.  As a cadet, my highest award was the Earhart, and I attended a variety of activities from IACE (to the United Kingdom) to NFA-P.

Outside of CAP, I'm just about to finish my bachelor's degree in History and French and will have to start looking for some sort of actual career.   :P   I dabble in web and graphics design and done quite a few different websites over the years.  I also have a large interest in military history and militaria collecting; I have a moderately large collection of WWI and WWII uniforms, medals, original documents and photos, and some other peculiarities. 

I have a personal website: Mike's World of Something or Other, which has a lot more about me and other random bits of info, too.

And I look something like this (both in and out of uniform):

Michael F. Kieloch, Maj, CAP


Quote from: The Admiral on February 17, 2005, 10:42:04 pm

Me with my most recent Prom date!

Your prom date?  Isn't prom for 17-18 year olds?  You look like you're 12. 

Christie Ducote, Capt, CAP


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I'm C/MSgt Carl Schmidt from Montana.  I'm my squadron's alpha flight commander, PA NCO and all-round reference book.

Here's me playing with a puppy in Fargo this summer:


Yah...well I'm C/TSgt Dan Long from Montana. I like all kinds of stuff.
Here's Me at Encampment:

Here's Me at a Paintball tourny:


BTW, smurf here is in my squadron.


Yeh I am. We are kinda island. There's Montana...thens there's Beartooth


Quote from: Ghetto_Smurf on February 26, 2005, 07:18:24 pm
Yah...well I'm C/TSgt Dan Long from Montana. I like all kinds of stuff.
Here's Me at Encampment:

;D You used mirrored sunglasses to apply your camo paint?   ::)



I'm C/1stLt Maggie Minton. I've been a member of GAWG CAP for 4 1/2 years. I am my squadron Deputy Commander, Group CAC rep, Ground Team Member... but i won't bore everyone with the details.
I'm a junior in highschool & 17 y/o. I plan on attending COS (if I get accepted) this summer, and then I will head off to GAWG encampment '05 (if I get accepted on staff).
Maggie Minton, C/Capt
Mitchell 52002
Earhart 13112