2008 Illinois Wing Spring Encampment

Started by Eclipse, December 29, 2007, 04:14:04 am

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Applications are now being accepted for cadet and senior staff positions for the 2008 Illinois Wing Spring Encampment.

Important dates:

Encampment:   18-20 & 25-27 April 2008
RST:   15 March 2008

Exe Staff Cadet emails must be received by 11 JAN 2008

Exe Staff Cadet Applications must be received by 31 JAN 2008

Flight Staff Cadet Applications must be received by 31 JAN 2008

Basic Cadet Applications must be received by 29 MAR 2008

ATF & Support  Apps must be received by 15 MAR 2008

TAC Applications must be received by 15 MAR 2008

All senior members, and cadets down to Flight Sergeant, will attend a mandatory Required Staff Training day on 15 Mar 2008 at Naval Station Great Lakes.

Event details, and other important information can be found on the encampment web site:


Some things have changed this year with regards to staff applications - the majority of it will be done via email, please make sure to read the instructions carefully and check back often as we're still in the process of updating some of the content.

Also, as an FYI, the encampment fee is waived for the C/CC, C/CD, C/XO, & First Sergeant.

As in year's past, we have a customized version of the Form 31, please make sure to use the one posted on the above site.


Is any actual training taking place aboard the Kearsage?
Bill Coons, C/Capt


Are there going to be any Senior based activities/training going on concurrent to this?

Is there a description of job requirments availible at the website for the various staff roles ?
C. A. Edgar
AUX USCG Flotilla 8-8
Former CC / GLR-IL-328
Firefighter, Paramedic, Grad Student


If you check the website, you'll see some notes on the "ships" - all the buildings on the RTC are named in honor of floating vessels - some are historic, some are still in service.

Barracks are "ships", the bays are "compartments" and the beds are "racks", in addition we have quarter decks, grinders and similar areas.

Because of the significant construction and rebuilding on the base, we've had the honor several times of being the first or only non-Naval group to use the ships. Some years have had multiple ships requesting we stay there on board, so we've been on more than one during the encampment.

IN the last few years we've stayed on one ship for the duration and been able to leave the compartments setup and secured mid-week.

Since 2003 we've been on on the:

U.S.S. Constitution (twice)

U.S.S. Triton (twice)

U.S.S. Arizona

U.S.S. Enterprise

As to staff positions, they were filled a month or more ago, however we still need TAC officers.  The general description of all the positions can be found on the encampment web page: