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Author Topic: Combat survivor evader locator (CSEL) handheld radio  (Read 3203 times)
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The combat survivor evader locator (CSEL) handheld radio is designed to become the Department of Defense's next generation survival radio.

The CSEL system is made up of three segments: over-the-horizon, ground and user. The over-the-horizon segment enables CSEL messages to be transmitted over military UHF satellite communications and search-and-rescue satellite-assisted tracking systems.

The UHF satellite communications mode supports secure two-way geo-position messaging between a survivor and a joint search-and-rescue center. The search-and-rescue satellite-assisted tracking mode is a backup communications mode intended for high latitudes where UHF satellite communications coverage is lacking.

Both over-the-horizon modes funnel data messages through a dedicated CSEL UHF base station, which automatically routes messages to a predetermined joint search-and-rescue center over a secure network.

The ground segment is made up of joint search-and-rescue center workstations that carry CSEL command, control and communications software for display of survivor messages. The workstation is also used to communicate with the survivor using UHF satellite communications.

The user segment has a hand-held radio, a laptop-style planning computer and a radio-set adapter. The hand-held radio provides data communications for all over-the-horizon modes, precise GPS positioning and land navigation, and line-of-sight voice and beacon modes.

The hand-held radio enables a downed pilot to send either canned messages, such as "injured, cannot move," or written messages to assist the pilot in describing his or her situation.

For more details see

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The Combat Survivor Evader Locator (CSEL) System is being acquired to support the Personnel Recovery (PR) mission. PR is the umbrella term for operations focused on the aggregation of military, civil, and political efforts to obtain the release or recovery of personnel from uncertain or hostile environments and denied areas whether they are captured, missing, or isolated. PR includes a vast array of recovery operations to include theatre Search and Rescue (SAR); Combat SAR (CSAR); Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE); and the coordination of negotiated as well as forcible recovery options.
The CSEL System will be utilized for locating and rescuing downed aircrew members. CSEL will provide enhanced CSAR capabilities by replacing existing, antiquated survival radios (PRC-90/112/112B) with current and emerging location and communication technologies. CSEL is a joint program between the Air Force, Navy, and Army which in the end will provide a reliable 24-hour two-way near-real-time secure messaging and voice communications system with a system base station (or other designated user terminal), plus have accurate geopositioning. It must ensure recovery forces can authenticate and extract a survivor on the first attempt in all terrain, threat, and visibility conditions worldwide, independent of the isolated personís location or circumstances.

Boeing Combat Survivor Evader Locator (CSEL)

National Security Space Road Map Combat Survivor Evader Locator (CSEL)

Combat Survivor Evader Locator System Fact Sheet
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CAP Talk  |  Operations  |  Tools of the trade  |  Topic: Combat survivor evader locator (CSEL) handheld radio

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