Overseas Encampment

Started by newsomeTX351, January 02, 2024, 01:57:02 AM

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I am curious about how to find information on overseas encampments and specifically staffing.
Like requirements, websites, connections, etc.



Those activities tend to be more closed then the ones in CONUS, though
some allow for outside participants.

Here's the list:

Your best bet is to contact them directly.

"That Others May Zoom"


BLUF:  There are plenty of encampments and activities stateside.  If you want to be an encampment tourist, try one of them.  There are plenty of opportunities here that won't involve unaccompanied international travel.

Long version:  Because of their scope, overseas encampments are much smaller.  While 200-300 participants are the norm here, overseas encampments might pull 30-50 cadets.  With a smaller size comes fewer leadership opportunities; think hard about taking a position away from someone who might really need it for their own progression.  Things like lodging are also size limited based on what the host base has available, so that is also a limiting factor.

Having never been in one, my only knowledge of overseas units it what is in CAPR 35-4.  But they are very different in the things they can and can't do.  There may be issues with Status Of Forces Agreements between the US and the host country.  Even things like base access, meals and lodging could be problematic for someone who isn't also there as a military dependent (as all cadets in overseas units are).  What if you were to get sick or injured while there?  Unless you're a military dependent, you're not going to get much more than emergency treatment at on base facilities or in civilian hospitals (where you don't know the language).  And how do they get you home in such a case?  There could also be problems with travel and entry visas and passports, vaccinations, and a few dozen other questions that could be asked by a customs agent wanting to know why a teenager traveling alone on a tourist visa is entering their country with a bunch of military uniforms and equipment to work on the American air base for a week.  All or some of which could result in you being denied entry and sent right back home.