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Virtual Cadet Activities

Started by meep, February 19, 2021, 05:14:38 pm

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Hey everyone!

So as y'all know, now that most activities are virtual it makes it much easier to attend activities from across the country that wouldn't have been possible before. Does anyone know of any activities that are accepting applications for cadet staff? Or any activities in the future (before summer) that fit this description? If you do, please let me know!!



Hi Meepman.  Good to hear from you again. 

Virtual training may still be absolutely the right solution depending on your personal risk situation, however don't write off properly planned, ORM and policy compliant, in person activities yet.

If you are interested in ES, stay tuned for local opportunities as the numbers improve, and Wings gradually reopen or upgrade their profiles. I am helping run a Wing wide SAREX tomorrow with nine aircraft and dozens of GT/UDF trainees, with a number of SET designated cadets on staff to provide small group, masked/distanced instruction, and I'll have a (multiple vehicles, spaced, masked, compliant) GT on the road at first light with a Spaatz and a C/CMSGT on it. All four of my Squadrons with cadets are sending cadets as staff or students.

We are also planning C-130 rides, local airport Fly In days, and a host of other events... planning a resumption to normal business, but modified with precautions and based on specific ORM risk entry criteria for each activity. My advice would be to first have a discussion with your parents about your family risk tolerance to in person events vs. virtual, first, then evaluate virtual vs. in person events to suit your needs. (Paranoia is a survival trait for my family, with my wife a recent transplant patient, so I do as much as I can virtually to enable crews to sortie in reality but then will be standing upwind with a clipboard and a mask and purell and a task book in my leg pockets, tomorrow AM).

Best of luck,


Hey Spam!

Thank you for the advice. I'm in NJWG, and as of now, I don't believe there are any in person activities to do. However, I know that some ES activities are being planned for the near future, and I'm definitely looking forward to those.

In the meantime though, I'm searching for some virtual activities to staff to keep me occupied in the meantime :)