Guest Speaker Series: Former CAP Cadet TONIGHT!

Started by Stonewall, February 16, 2021, 04:00:48 pm

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Maj Colin Greata, a former Civil Air Patrol cadet, has gone on to do amazing things in the US Army. A graduate of West Point, he is a decorated Army Soldier and published author. You won't want to miss hearing this phenomenal leader talk about his experiences and advice on leadership.

C/Amn Greata at an event at the Pentagon where he met CAP National Commander Maj Gen Anderson.

As a cadet, Maj Greata served at every leadership position at the squadron level. As a cadet in National Capital Wing, he was a member of both Fairfax and Mount Vernon Composite Squadrons. He graduated PJOC and served on staff at Middle East Regions Search and Rescue College.

C/Lt Col Greata teaching members how to filter water during a survival exercise in 1999 at Massanutten Mountain in Virginia.

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