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Adding ES to the Cadet Programs

Started by meep, February 02, 2021, 06:47:01 pm

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We are at some point going to have to undergo a huge marketing campaign to try and get young people interested in starting CAP or coming back.

Should we complicate things further before starting this recruiting?

Or should we spend money of a research team to figure out just what might be marketable to the young generation now?

Or should we as old geezers stick to what we've always done, and say "quality" over numbers, and just let CAP shrink away?

IDK ... just pondering whether this a good time to toughen up the Cadet program, or is it the perfect time to reinvent it?
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^ NHQ has made it pretty clear that they believe the proper marketing play
is towards STEM and aviation vs. ES. This has increased significantly in the last 5 years or so.
One could imagine that NHQ will try to play somewhat on the Covid community service activities
taking place right now, and (hopefully) will cease the rhetoric about a pilot shortage, but
STEM and aviation are likely to be in the forefront going forward, as they should be, considering
that is really the CP's primary strong point right now.

Marketing ES as an actual capability and function has always been a "and you can also"
in regards to cadets which is as it should be.  Promising things that don't happen
has proven to be a great way to insure kids don't stick around.

Being as benevolent as possible, CAP's ES capability is..."evolving", and will not be stable enough
to be a primary marketing point until that..."evolution" stabilizes.  Much like the military in the 90's,
CAP is training members for missions that don't exist, with 20 year old doctrine and technology,
while at the same time pretending it is on the cutting edge of SAR and an equal member at the table.

It's not, for either, and potential cadets, especially, can smell that a mile away.


Firstly, I think I should offer a slight apology to both the OP and to ZigZag911.....I still maintain that there are serious Have / Have Not concerns in our organization, and I do align with Spam in that respect, but I jumped a bit quick, as I was reminded by Eclipse:

Quote from: Eclipse on February 06, 2021, 02:35:52 am
Quote from: ZigZag911 on February 06, 2021, 12:51:18 amHere are some more suggesions: CERT, shelter management, damage assessment.
I've long been an advocate for, including pressing the point when in Command roles, that
every member should be at least UDF-T.

That is an attainable legit goal, indoctrinates members to the ways of ES, and sets them
up to be able to earn Find Ribbons in what is still purported to be CAP's primary ES Mission.

Further, it costs zero, and doesn't really require much in the way of outside personnel or resources.

GES, + equipment that's already in a book bag, and a phone tree.  Those can be signed off remotely,
and accomplished in a couple of meetings as a group.

Unlike Eclipse, my only command roles have been deputy commander and a brief spell as CC but, during my time as deputy, we did commit to getting everyone trained in UDF.  It worked, and it did spark real and sustained interest in some cadets.  It is a good introduction, and it does get them working outside.  It remains as a unit goal to maintain (IIRC) at least 80% of the unit as UDF qualified.