Air Force Combat SAR/PR Research using the XCub

Started by Spam, January 05, 2021, 01:55:03 am

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Released today:

Some of our search and rescue volunteer professionals may find interesting this research into combat SAR/Personnel Recovery technology with the use of the venerable Cub platform. This update of the classic tech could add the capability to perform quiet, less observable, bush pilot style PR saves through the use of enabling HMD tech. If you've ever been at an airshow and seen a proficient Cub stunt pilot land and take off in amazingly tight spots, or seen some of the bush pilot or historical ('Nam) videos out there of landing on stream beds and tiny farmer fields, you can see why this is of interest.

I personally know and have worked with a couple of these (world class) HMD researchers, and expect great things out of this program.