October 22, 2020, 12:21:22 am

If AU moved or Maxwell AFB closed...

Started by AirDX, October 15, 2020, 04:34:13 pm

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Not anytime soon, but the local leaders are making some noise about the inadequacy of the school system for dependents:

If the quality of area's schools doesn't improve, could Maxwell AFB take off?
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I'm not going to argue it's not an issue, but alternative locations aren't going to
likely come easily or without the same issues school-wise.

if having operational runways isnt' a requirement, maybe you could park the 130s at Scott
with the rest of AMC an then the AU and other "office commands" could go just about anywhere.

Otherwise places with good schools and proximate land for 3k' runways isn't coming cheap
these days, at least in places the FSM intended people to live.


To answer the question in the title of the thread.
If AU moved we wouldn't care. CAP-USAF has been under ACC for a couple of years now and actually it really doesn't matter what MAJCOM CAP falls under.

And if Maxwell AFB closed? Then they would find another space on another AFB for CAP-USAF.
The space requirements aren't that much. The biggest requirement is good IT infrastructure.
You could even move CAP-USAF to an Air Reserve Base for that matter.


Actually, CAP and CAP-USAF could probably be mostly WFH and just hotel
when necessary for meetings or missions.

Terry W.

The issues with the local schools are nothing really new, which is why the base does not have public schools and instead has DOD schools on the base. Several states (South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky to name a few) operate that way. I am honestly surprised that the base hasn't closed and reconsolidated somewhere else that is a bit better location. Another option would be to increase the authorized housing limit and build the schools on post to take on more students.