What does your Phase II look like?

Started by TheSkyHornet, October 12, 2020, 03:45:42 pm

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I'm just curious as to what your Wing's Phase II Remobilization Plan looks like.

I'm seeing suggestions about no drill and no fitness testing. I'm curious as to the basis for those, since a lot of wings had restrictions on those activities during Phase I and rolled those restrictions into their Phase II plans.

How does your Wing differ between Phase I and II aside from just increasing the participant head count? Did your Wing increase the activity participation to 50, or did you have a tighter restriction?

Capt Thompson

Outdoor activities are limited to 50 with proper social distancing, indoors are still limited to 10 due to State restrictions. ES training, O-flights etc have all resumed. PT and Drill require at least double arm interval, we temp everyone, masks are mandatory inside or when 6 feet aren't possible outside.

Really the main difference was allowing O-flights and outdoor activities up to 50 members.
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