Black Leather Belt Recommendation for Greys, Polos, etc.

Started by JC004, July 01, 2020, 03:34:26 am

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I gained some weight when I was in the hospital, and knowing I may have to buy multiple belts as I reduced it back to normal, I didn't want to spend that money.  So I looked for solutions and found this belt.  It's called the Mission Belt (no relation to CAP missions). 

It's pretty neat.  You cut the end to-size, like you do with blues web belts, and instead of holes, it has these stops embedded in the back of the leather.  So it presents a clean appearance, doesn't stretch out holes, and all that, in addition to being convenient to weight changes or normal comfort adjustments.

The buckle is a clean solid-piece (similar to the blues web belt) in silver or gold color.  I tried it out and I like it.

This type are called track belts.  They have these locking "tracks" on the wearer's inside, so they're invisible when worn:

It's on Amazon:

For utility rigger belts, I still like the Wolf double ply that Pylon and I bought, when tested against the others I've tried/owned (


I was trying to remember this  let the other day. I need a new belt, thanks!


Happy to help.  I'm on a mission to save my fellow members money, and help them find the good stuff....instead of wasting money like I have experimenting with different options.

I should build a website so I can collect a cut of the purchases (HAHA ;D ), and use it to buy cadets uniforms, like I've been doing by sending the $10 TacticalGear referral coupons (TacticalGear also gives us a credit, so I can buy the cadets stuff they need).

But seriously, this shared knowledge helps reduce Come And Pay.

I love finding cool gear.  Normally, I include it in presentations at the unit (like what socks to get for cold weather, or what socks are best for people with diabetes, so people can run it past their doctors).  I recommend these as field uniform socks for diabetics (or people with other circulation issues) who can't use compression socks: 

I'm trying to spread the tips more widely.