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Reminder to aircrews

Started by bwana50, June 01, 2020, 01:29:45 pm

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I ran across this article that offers some good advice to aircrews as we ease back into flying status.

"We all must do our share to ensure that this transition is as smooth and safe as it can be. Be sure to read your airplane manuals, refresh yourself on regulations and emergency procedures, take another glance at the charts and NOTAMs, and recall all those memory items."


"To keep these birds on the ground for weeks and months in a row requires a number of special procedures by maintenance teams. Not all might have been done properly, or worked as planned. Take that into consideration."




Quote.... as we ease back into flying status.

It would be interesting to know how many pilots have actually been not flying for 3-4 months or longer? Does CAP have that many, whose only opportunity to fly is in a CAP airplane? Non-owner, doesn't rent, or fly for commercial or other reasons? I would hope that most of our Mission Pilots get some flying time for currency and proficiency other than the occasional sortie they can get in CAP. (?)

I was happy to see in the last month or so that we could get 2 hours per week in each plane to keep them limbered up. Hopefully most of our pilots were able to take advantage of that.
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Quote from: etodd on June 17, 2020, 03:47:21 amHopefully most of our pilots were able to take advantage of that.

Not by a long shot - all you have to do is look at WMIRS to see what is not happening.

Further to this, many of CAP's "once a year pilots" do their F5's at flight academies, encampments, and NCSAs,
which are essentially wives tales for this year, and who knows how long after, which means that the pilot population
is going to drop significantly by Q1F21.

The above doesn't even include all the pilots currently not working their FTE who simply can't afford to
fly, regardless, and that income isn't coming back ever, even if there was an instant cure tomorrow.