AVAILABLE NOW: Conference Credit for PD or Seminar Credits for Specialty Tracks

Started by JC004, June 01, 2020, 05:32:48 am

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Do you need a conference credit for your PD levels and/or seminar credit for a specialty track?

The NCR/KSWG Virtual Conference is still open to participate in, and get credit (AT YOUR OWN PACE, before the deadline below).

Level III of the Professional Development program requires that the member: "Attend two wing, region, or national conferences as a senior member."

Some specialty tracks require topic-specific seminars for progression, for example (NOT a complete list):
  • Communications (Technician Rating) (Includes cadets earning the Communications Badge and patch)
  • Emergency Services (Senior Rating)
  • Recruiting and Retention (Technician Rating)
  • Information Technology (Technician Rating) (Includes cadets earning the IT Badge)
  • Operations (Technician Rating)
  • Public Affairs (Technician Rating)
  • Historian (Includes cadets earning the Historian Badge)
To determine whether a seminar is required for your specialty, check your specialty track guide.

The following is a list of available seminar videos - You must complete the form at the link below for conference/seminar credits.

Two seminars were presented that focus on leaders meeting the needs of CAP members during times of crisis (in particular, the current pandemic):

For personnel interested in Operations, there are 4 available seminars:

For Safety Officers, 3 seminars are available covering how to earn Technician, Senior, and Master Safety Specialty Track ratings, respectively:
Also for Safety Officers are:

For Aerospace Education:

For Professional Development:
  • Professional Development Q&A (focused on the new Senior Member Professional Development Education & Training Program and Volunteer University, hosted by the new CAP Chief of Education and Training)

For Cadet Programs:

For cadets specifically, the following seminars are available:

For Public Affairs:

For historians:

For Chaplains and Character Development Officers (CDIs):

CAP NCO program:

You have until 22 June to watch any five of the sessions and log them on the attendance roster. Sessions and the attendance roster are located at:



Will Dakota be posting their conference as well? Just curious.

Thank you for the information.


Quote from: exarmyguard on June 01, 2020, 01:48:55 pmWill Dakota be posting their conference as well? Just curious.

Thank you for the information.

You probably need to ask them directly.


Quote from: exarmyguard on June 01, 2020, 01:48:55 pmWill Dakota be posting their conference as well? Just curious.

Thank you for the information.

SDWG Conference is already posted online, but they are not offering credit for watching the seminars.  Recordings are here:


DON'T FORGET, FOLKS.  You only have a couple of days left to get a conference credit from the NCR Conference by watching 5 videos and submitting the attendance form (SEE FIRST POST ABOVE).

Check your specialty track guide to see if you need a specific seminar for your rating.

Holding Pattern


I recommend you do the CAP National Conference online for those.  Details will be forthcoming. 

The National virtual conference is set for Aug 14-15.

Other wings are offering online training, seminars, and conferences.  You can find details on an ongoing basis by joining the Facebook group Civil Air Patrol - Virtual Training Notifications:

A Google Calendar is also available, although the Facebook group provides the fastest, most up-to-date contributions:


Was the 22 June 2020 deadline specifically for allowing credit from this conference, or was there some greater NHQ mandate on that?

Are other virtual PD courses still accredited? Looking for some clarity in that regard.


This was something NCR was offering until that date, and took the names to do an updated Participation Letter.

I have not seen any of the others offer continued credit, and I don't think it's a priority for NHQ since they are making the annual National Conference virtual. 

Some wings/regions cancelled things, some acted quickly to offer their things virtually instead of cancelling.  GLR did an excellent job quickly making their RSC virtual and graduating almost 200 students.  Some were cancelled altogether.  NCR once again stepped up and made their RSC virtual as well. 

National has not yet unveiled their detailed plans or registration for the National Conference and National AEO School.