eClipse Drinks the Kool-Aid, Launches UAV!!!

Started by Eclipse, May 21, 2020, 11:33:16 pm

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Hope it was not a corporate one  ::)
What brand and model was this? I want to know because the "Kite eating Tree" has expanded it's diet.
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It's a Sky Viper 2450 HD/FPV

I got it on a lark like 2+ years ago for about 1/2 price when Toys R Us went out of business.
At that time I got it all set up, goggles included, and promptly flew it directly into my face.

It's been on the shelf since, but my boredom level hit "Drone" today, so I dug it out.

I got it trimmed up pretty well, and the winds are pretty dead today, however apparently
this particular model tends to over fly its controls, and I think that's what happened.

I fished it down and will probably play with it more tonight when I can see the pretty lights.


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If you can master flying that one, you can fly anything. You'll be three steps ahead.  Then fly a DJI and you'll think its too easy, since the DJI practically flies itself.
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What's next, a Facebook page? A twitter handle? Yikes!

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Most drones will take very wide corners, think of a car drifting vs a plane banking into a tight turn. If you want tighter turns, try using both sticks to turn, rather than keeping the right stick in the forward position. It will still drift a little but the turn will be much tighter and you will be less likely to overfly the turn into a tree.
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