Regulation Check: Cadets and Specialty Tracks

Started by GreatValuePAO, May 09, 2020, 07:16:06 pm

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Is there a specific regulation that says that cadets can not pursue a specialty track badge in a certain field (i.e. safety, public affairs, or aerospace education)?  I know that it's treated as "common knowledge" that cadets can't do these specialty tracks, but I'm looking for a reg that says that it's not possible. Not someone's press release/blog post, not someone's experience: a citeable regulation/manual

Obviously cadets couldn't do Inspector General, CDI, Health Services, or Chaplain, but I see no reason why they couldn't do things like I.T. or Admin.


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Yes. The term "Senior Member Professional Development Program" contains your answer.

CAPR 50-17:

"This regulation outlines the program to prepare senior members in the special skills required for
Civil Air Patrol (CAP) mission accomplishment. The program offers opportunities to help the
senior member learn specific mission-related skills and prepare for leadership positions.
Commanders at each echelon have the responsibility to support the Senior Member Professional
Development Program in accordance with the provisions of this regulation."

See also Pages 4-5 for the stated purpose of the program.

Page 10, ยง 2-7:
"The Professional Development Program is designed to prepare senior members for immediate
Therefore, while cadets in good standing who meet the prerequisites may attend a
professional development activity, space permitting, they will not receive credit for attendance
as a senior member."

In regards to pursuing badges, the allowance for the few that are allowed were made
specific to that duty, which NHQ deemed as appropriate for a cadet serving in an
apprentice-type role to earn, primarily because they are parallel to, or complimentary
to, other appropriate cadet-level training , duties, or activities.

The others, simply put, are not.

No regulation "prohibiting" them is necessary, as 50-17 restricts participation to Seniors
for the tracks, while the SMEs have provided a means for some of the badges.


I agree with Eclipse......having said that.

There is nothing stopping a cadet from "learning" everything that there is to learn in a particular specialty track.

They can read the pamphlet, do the tests, work with a Senior Member mentor and actually do the job as an assistant.   They just can't "earn" the specialty track.  (with the exception of Comm IIRC).

Also......remember that we in fact have a cadet program that tires to present cadets with appropriate challenges based on their progression in the program.   


Cadets can't actually earn the ratings in Comm, but they can earn all three badges. IIRC, they can earn the basic Emergency Services and Information Technology badges as well.


Cadets can earn basic specialty badges in:

Cadets can earn senior and master specialty badges in Communications.