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CAP Planes Flying Again

Started by etodd, April 22, 2020, 03:36:13 pm

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Bob, you're not an aviation expert, and it shows.
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Quote from: Eclipse on April 24, 2020, 01:09:32 amIs this aircraft in the members private hangar?

If not, then the respective member will need to break stay-at-home directives in order to get there,
for what is clearly a non-essential activity, putting every point of contact
between him and the plane at risk, including the pilot as well.

A risk that is unnecessary, and made worse with the reality that a significant percentage
of the CAP pilot population have other health issues that exacerbate C19 to the point of fatality.

If the issue is the mission capability of the aircraft (because apparently airplanes can't sit
unused, even though they sit unused all over the place the rest of the time), then the nearest
pilot to the plane should be the designated cranker, and approved for enough of a pattern ride
to circulate the oil, and nothing more.

We've already discussed that there is no currency issue (for the pilots) in regards to missions that can't be
remediated with pre-mission cobweb flights, so that's not a justification for the risk.

Geez.  You obviously haven't seen 21 APR memo from Gen Smith to Region and Wing CCs.  You can ask your Commander for the details if it hasn't been distributed in your wing yet.

We are being ORDERED by Headquarters to fly the planes weekly.  Stop fussing at me and call Headquarters. Lawd have mercy!  LOL

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Quote from: etodd on April 24, 2020, 01:38:06 amWe are being ORDERED by Headquarters to fly the planes weekly.

That, is actually hilarious.
An organization that can't even compel its members to wear uniforms properly or show up to meetings
is "ordering" them to do something during a pandemic when the civil authorities are telling people
to stay home, and that's going to be the justification for the risk.


Quote from: NIN on April 24, 2020, 01:18:14 amBob, you're not an aviation expert, and it shows.

At the core, it's not an "aviation" conversation, per se, it's an ORM conversation.

As I said, if the pistons are going to lock up because they haven't had oil running
through them, fair enough, the nearest guys runs them up and flies the pattern for the minimum
amount of time, and the minimum amount of sorties - have a Zoom call with Cessna to get
their advice on the matter.

It should not be taken as a carte blanche justification to "touch the sky" by anybody in CAP
who is getting antsy, and it absolutely will.


Planes need to fly, pilots need currency. A single pilot driving from his home to the airport, pulling the plane out, flying it for an hour or so, fueling it, putting it away, and driving home all without ever seeing, let along coming into contact with, another human being is literally the lowest exposure risk in CAP.

And with that, I think this one is done. Say goodnight Gracie.
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