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Tru-Spec Blue BDU Quality?

Started by 1st Lt Thompson, April 03, 2020, 06:39:31 pm

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1st Lt Thompson

I need to order a new set of BBDU's, and in the past I've always gone with Propper. When I first came back to CAP in 2015 I contacted Vanguard and they said the ones they were carrying were Propper, so that's what I've ordered since. Now they say they are carrying Tru-Spec, and while I've never had issues with the few Tru-Spec products I've purchased in the past, I've never used their BDU's.

The only issue I really have with the Propper BBDU's is they fade. I have two sets right now, both purchased about the same time and used the same amount of time, one top and both trousers are faded, the other top is only slightly faded so it doesn't match either pair of trousers.

Does anyone here have any experience with the Tru-Spec's that VG is currently selling? Any difference in quality and fading, or about the same as Propper?
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I bought some Tru-Spec BBDUs (directly from Tru-Spec) last summer - have had no complaints. The ones I have are style 1331 for the blouse and 1335 for the pants; mine are the poly/cotton ripstop.


I have two sets of Propper BBDU's and have not had any fading problems.
I get mine from who almost always has better prices and service then Scamguard.


Bought mine right from TruSpec. Love them. Nice thing is they have a model with a zipper.

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Used Propper 100% cotton--not colorfast and needed ironing. Got poly Cotton ripstop Propper- they are colorfast, and real wash and wear
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Quote from: tribalelder on April 03, 2020, 10:46:13 pmGot poly Cotton ripstop Propper- they are colorfast, and real wash and wear
^ This.  Switched to the poly cotton ripstop and never looked back.  My oldest set is about 4 years old and the color is only slightly faded compared to my newest (still unworn, unsewn and hanging in my closet waiting to go into the rotation).



Rip Stop has always been the way to go. On BDU's, BBDU's and even ABU's too.