Gift ideas for family and friends of a new cadet

Started by baronet68, March 28, 2020, 06:52:55 pm

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Back on track... again...

Quote from: Okay, to re-summarize the question:What gifts would be good to give a future new CAP cadet?

Ideas thus far:

  • Black Boots
  • Cash
  • ABUs
  • Blues Uniform Items
  • Leatherman Tool
  • Mirror Compass

Any good book recommendations (e.g. LEADERS EAT LAST, by Simon Sinek)? 

Other thoughts?
Michael Moore, Maj, CAP
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Holding Pattern

On the off chance they are serious about Cyber, you can buy them the first month of this course:

Covers A LOT of the things that you'd need to know to be successful in a cyberpatriot competition and has the fringe benefit of being ACE evaluated at 12 college credits at the associate degree level.

Start at the right college and you've knocked a not so small chunk of change off their future college costs with that.

If they are motivated (and Eagle Scouts generally are) it is entirely possible to knock this out in under 2 weeks.

It also shows up as a professional certificate badge on LinkedIn, and unlike most IT certs these days, it never expires.

This might be a bit more "outside the box" than normal, less tangible than most, but could potentially have very long term benefits, assuming interest in IT as a career field.

Holding Pattern

Book ideas:

Extreme Ownership: Leaders at all levels can benefit from this book.
Homeschooling for College Credit: More ideas along the lines of that coursera class for min/maxing your education and lowering total college costs
The Phoenix Project: IT book discussing the application of manufacturing theories to the IT field
Starship Troopers (book only): Needs no introduction here I think