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Any Motorola programmers?

Started by usaf_defender, March 21, 2020, 02:31:25 pm

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Just putting it out there, are there any experienced Motorola XTS series programmers out there willing to help a guy out with some questions offline?  I've got an Motorola XTS 5000 model 3, along with Astro 25 CPS but I'm facing a steep learning curve coming from the HAM world.  I would like to eventually use the radio for CAP but I really need to understand some basic principles first.  I'm hoping there's someone out there willing to mentor me on Motorola programming.  Hope everyone's healthy and safe.


I'm certainly not an expert on Motorola, but I've programmed several XTS3k models and the CPS is similar to the 5k.  Send me a message to ac4jk (at) bellsouth (dot) net and we'll see if we can get you going.


I can also help out if you're stuck - I have a personally-owned XTS 5000 and have also programmed others for people in my wing - drop me a direct message if you want any assistance.



Same here, have a lot of experience programming Astro series radios.

Be glad to help you out



Feel free to give me a shout, I've programmed the 3000, 5000, and am waiting to get my System Key certification for the APX line from Motorola for my job once Coronavirus dies down some.
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I believe it good to go for now guys!  Much appreciated. I'll no doubt have more questions so I'll probably reach out.

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