How to Quit Civil Air Patrol

Started by demifane, February 02, 2020, 07:05:07 pm

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How do I quit CAP? I have started about 3 months ago and I really dislike the whole thing, especially classroom settings. Is there a way to leave before my one-year enlistment is up? I can't take CAP any longer. :(


Yes. Stop participating.  Nothing further beyond that is required.

If you are adamant about full-on terminating membership, contact your
unit CC directly and request a voluntary termination, which he will process for you.

You can always come back later in either case with no issues.


The one thing we ask is that you let your unit know why you don't want to continue, so we can try to improve.

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You have two options as discussed above:

1.   Stop coming to meetings and ignore the requests for renewals.
2.   Have a Form 2b filled out of your resignation.

I will copy the request made above to make sure to let your squadron leadership know the reasons why you are dissatisfied. It may not help you, but something went wrong in your case, and it might help a future cadet if you tell your folks what was going bad.

Thanks for trying CAP.


1. Inform your Squadron Commander that you want to quit.
2. If you're a cadet let your parents know you want out.
3. If you've been issued any uniforms or equipment return them.
4. After all that the Commander will sit down with you (and your parents)to find out what you dislike and if something needs changing.
5. If nothing can be done he/she will sign a F2b, for voluntary resignation from CAP.

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Hi! It looks like you're from my unit, which I'll be taking command of this month.

Just to be clear, you're under no obligation to stay in CAP. There is no "enlistment" and membership is purely voluntary. If anyone led you to believe otherwise, I apologize for that and will address it.

There is more to CAP than the classroom work we're doing now. It is true that a lot of our recent meetings consist of classroom activities, and will be like that for the next few months. These are necessary and directly connected to the unit's goals that were laid out by myself and the Cadet Commander to all members last month. For example: The classroom training in ES moves us toward our goals for participation in search and rescue exercises later this year by getting you your required sign offs. And the cybersecurity classes move us toward our goals for participation in CyberPatriot and awarding Cyber badges.

Ultimately it's up to you if you want to stay in CAP. The only thing I can promise is that the hard work we're doing now leads to more exciting opportunities and activities. And I would hate for you to miss out on those.

I am available if you and/or your parents wish to express your membership concerns further.
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What core curriculum or activities are scheduled for those members not interested in ES and Cyber?

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Quote from: Eclipse on February 11, 2020, 05:56:24 pmWhat core curriculum or activities are scheduled for those members not interested in ES and Cyber?

  • Model rocketry starts this month
  • Robotics (may have a cyber flavor to it), space and aviation STEM activities are planned for later this year (leading to awarding STEM badges)
  • Orientation flights (powered and unpowered)
  • Rifle marksmanship activities, where 10 cadets have already earned their NRA marksmanship badge
  • Orienteering (kinda ES), leading up to participating in our Wing's Nav competition next month
  • Marching in parades later this year (Memorial Day, county fair parade, Veterans Day)
  • Wreaths Across America in December

These are off of the top of my head. I'd have to go back and look at our vision, planning, and goals documents and our upcoming schedule for the rest.
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