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CAPP 80-3: Core Values for Senior Members

Started by dwb, January 22, 2020, 11:59:28 pm

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Last night at our monthly professional development briefing, I used the time to introduce the new(ish) CAPP 80-3. It's a pamphlet about applying core values for ethical decision making, and it includes 26 case studies to work through using the decision making framework and PLUS model described in the pamphlet.

Like I told our seniors last night, they learn what the CAP Core Values are during the Starting Your Journey online course, and then I emphasize them again in our summary conversation, and then they never hear about them ever again. This pamphlet is an attempt to correct that.

After going through the introductory material, we divided into three groups and did the first three case studies. It's hard to write good case studies that stimulate discussion without being so generic as to be wide open. The ones we did were well-scoped, and the seniors seemed to enjoy exercising their minds in a different way (and probably appreciated that I wasn't just lecturing people about completing OBC  ;D).

Overall, I think the pamphlet is a good idea well implemented. Check it out and incorporate into your next senior meeting. I plan to do a few case studies maybe 2-3 times a year.

1. CAPP 80-3 (PDF)
2. Blog post on


When I saw that last week, I wanted to be snarky and dismiss it, but it's pretty well done,
and if it can move the needle in the right direction, they I'm all for it.