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PT Headgear

Started by CAPed Crusader, January 21, 2020, 12:38:15 am

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CAPed Crusader

Hello everyone,
Quick question; I was wondering what is the authorized headgear for a cadet doing PT and NOT in any command positions? I couldn't find this in CAPM39-1?

Very respectfully,

CAPed Crusader

Would one of those tan or black tactical operator hats with the Velcro patches be acceptable?


Given that CAP doesn't have an official PT uniform, it wouldn't be addressed in CAPM 39-1. My suggestion would be headgear appropriate for the weather. Best option, check with your chain of command.

CAPed Crusader

Thank you! Will do!

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Paul Creed III

arajaca's post covers it (pun intended)

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