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Col. James Palmer

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January 13, 2020

Col. James E. Palmer
NER-CT-001 HQ Squadron
Connecticut Wing

Col. James E. Palmer, 61, of Bristol passed away Sunday (December 15, 2019) at Bristol Hospital.  Born on December 15, 1958, he was the son of the late
Howard E. Palmer and Patricia (Beaucar) Palmer.  He attended St. Paul High School and Briarwood College.  He worked for 21 years at Electrical Wholesalers.
From 1972 until the present, James served in the Civil Air Patrol, His highest honor being Wing Commander from 2003-2006; currently holding the Rank of
Colonel. James is survived by "his one and only" Juliet Bailey; a brother: John Palmer (Carmen); a sister Janet Sherman and her late husband Herb Sherman;
Juliet's children: Charles Bailey (Rebecca), Samantha Zaanoun (Yassine); a brother-in-law: Richard Palmer-Baraglia, husband to the late Jeffrey Baraglia-
Palmer; a nephew: Irving Sherman (Breeann); a niece Corinne Mastrianno (Steven); great nieces: Gabriella and Audriana; a daughter: Melissa Frenette; and
grandchildren: Morgan and Zoe.
Greg Putnam
Lt. Col., CAP