Unknown Drones over Colorado and Nebraska

Started by Falling Hare, January 03, 2020, 01:19:57 am

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Falling Hare

Yesterday the BBC featured this article entitled "Night Flying Drone Squadron Baffles Rural US West"  The link is here:


An earlier article about this was listed over on:   theDrive/the-war-zone/

Hopefully this is some band of wealthy enthusiasts having fun, but given the September attacks on Saudi oil infrastructure I can see why some authorities are concerned.

Any sUAS pilots care to comment on this?


Hi, Falling Hare.

I've been enjoying reading all these stories on them also for several days.

By all accounts so far, those are not small systems, but rather larger systems.
So why as sUAS pilots, as if they're in the know?


Falling Hare


I know next to nothing about these systems.  I was hoping that experienced operators that use these UAVs both for fun and professionally could shed some light on these odd goings on.




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Luis R. Ramos

Yes. This is the lesser-known Area 53. Similar to Area 51 but smaller in size.
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Falling Hare

"Dedicated Eagle Anti-Drone Unit"....how cool is that!   Perhaps a niche for CAP.

Can anyone direct me to a good "Drone Spotters Guide"?

This is fascinating. I read an academic paper awhile back about "narco drones" as a problem for law enforcement in the southwest, but this is probably unrelated.

I just hope this isn't a case of:  Opana Pt. Radar Station = "Lieutenant, we have a large formation of aircraft coming in from the northeast.."
                                                                      Duty Officer = "Don't worry about it..."



Hey guys, what else is in the Northeast Colorado - Western Nebraska - Southeast Wyoming area?
Hint: LGM-30


As a beekeeper... every time someone says "drone", this is what pops into my mind:

;D ;D ;D
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