When Did We Start Replacing Member-Owned With AF-Procured Aircraft?

Started by ProdigalJim, January 02, 2020, 01:05:37 am

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Quote from: ProdigalJim on January 02, 2020, 01:05:37 amHi Gang,

Yeah, yeah, been awhile...

I've been searching through the Thomas database of all congressional actions to try to find the first bill when CAP started acquiring the Cessna 182/172 fleet that we have today. When I was a cadet, we were mostly member-owned (1979-1983). By the time I came back in in 2011, we were mostly CAP-owned. There was a policy shift between when I left and when I returned, and so what I'm trying to find is the legislative history of that policy shift.

I'm pretty well-grounded in the current process and I understand how the flow of appropriated dollars goes from USAF to CAP for aircraft and so on.

I have plenty of database access, but so far it's been needle in a haystack. If anyone can give me a year when it all started to happen, that would help me narrow down my legislative search. And if anyone remembers a key sponsor or co-sponsor, that would be even better.

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When I was in CAP the first time  in the early 90s my squadron at that time had all member owned aircraft.